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  1. JoJojas
    JoJojas2 years ago

    Your Marriage is as important as your education and career. In my mid-40s, most of my professional peers have successful careers, but a fair portion of them also are divorced and their failed marriages did not benefit their or their children's' lives. I don’t think that your Marriage is necessary

  2. Kagakazahn2 years ago

    Moon, I've read and heard the exact sentiment from the left talking about how poor people should have made themselves more attractive to rich people by learning a skill or getting an education, that if you're trying to compete in the low skill job market you have nobody but yourself to blame.

  3. Akikazahn2 years ago

    can anyone tell me whats the name of this nice

  4. Kigazshura2 years ago

    Shows her name at the beginning. It's Kaya.

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